Welcome to Bacon Sprinkles! The home of an aspiring food writer and indecisive home cook. The name Bacon Sprinkles epitomizes my love for many different things- sweet and savoury, breakfast and dessert, and unusual combinations that turn out to be absolutely delicious. Plus it focuses in on one of my favourite sayings, “Everything is better with bacon!”

After growing up on the East Coast of the United States I now live in Sydney, Australia working as a part time food blogger/ part time waitress. On this blog you’ll see a glimpse into restaurants, bars and pop ups that I try out plus plenty of recipes I make in my own kitchen. As a recent university graduate I tend to stick to budget friendly recipes- almost everything I feature on here is perfect for students and people who don’t want to spend too much without sacrificing on taste and quality. I say ‘almost everything’ because every once in a while I get an excuse to make a beautiful banoffee pie or epic Sunday roast and of course you’ll find those recipes here as well. So stick around, enjoy and hopefully you find something you can’t wait to try out in your own kitchen!




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